1. Expertise


P&C Labs (Pellets & CR Products) bring operational excellence, scientific expertise and innovative technologies to create customized solutions
that meet each client’s needs.

We understand that our clients continue to face decreasing R&D productivity and rising drug development costs.
Our services is aimed at finding newer, more efficient ways to bring new therapies to market.

We are committed to build strong client partnerships and to designing, planning and implementing high-quality programs that help each client reach key milestones on time and on budget.

P&C Labs was founded by Prof. Dr .Abdelaziz AbdelRahim Elsayed, Professor of Pharmaceutical technology and was the Head of Pharmaceutical research and Development.

Prof. Dr. Abdelaziz AbdelRahim Elsayed brings over 50 years of experience in Dosage Form Development in R&D-based organizations. He has helped design and obtain regulatory approval for more than 200 commercial products; including NCE’s, Line Extensions, Semi Synthetics, Fermentation products and a Biopharm product.

P&C Labs Consultancy provides services to:
  • Small to medium-sized Pharmaceutical Companies that require expertise in dosage form development, testing and integration of activities with overall development programs and regulatory filings.
  • Startup organizations or University Research Groups that need expertise in progressing novel assets to clinical evaluation and commercialization.
  • Large Pharmaceutical organizations requiring expertise in a specific area of Drug Development or Regulatory filings.
You Need Us If…
  • You are a Small to Mid-Sized Phamaceutical Company that needs outside assistance from time to time.
  • You are a young and growing or Start-up Pharmaceutical company looking to add to your expertise and streamline your results.
  • You are a University Research Department with a promising drug lead.
.Contract Manufacturing.

All kind of Solid Dosage Forms:

  • Preparation Lines fully automated.
  • Tablet compression.
  • Coating (Sugar & Film).
  • Capsule Filling.
  • Powder Filling.
  • Sachet Filling.

All Process inspected according cGMP Regulations

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