1. Responsibility


Social responsibility is a central element of P&C Labs (Pellets & CR Products) culture.

P&C Labs have the responsibility to society, to provide pharmaceutical drugs safely and cost effectively. We are responsible for providing safe pharmaceutical drugs to anyone anywhere in the world and for as long as the drug is prescribed.

Quality Assurance

P&C Labs are responsible for developing efficient quality assurance practices.
A commitment to high-quality results is of utmost importance to the operations. Quality assurance is dependent upon the maintenance of properly trained staff, secure pharmaceutical facilities, proper data recording and archive keeping.

Quality assurance requires the review and approval of the company procedures, analytical methods and standard operating procedures. QA staff also perform data review.

Facility Maintenance

The security of the pharmaceutical facilities ensures the safekeeping of data.
Equipment also must be maintained to ensure that the labs and Production operate at the highest level of functioning.

Expert Personnel

A high level of scientific expertise must be maintained within the company’s staff.
Each staff member must, in addition, display scientific credibility. The scientific expertise displayed by staff encourages credibility within the company.

Medicine Safety

P&C Labs develop, test and produce medicines we must ensure that these medicines are safe.
Ministry of Health (M.O.H) labs approves the medicine prior to be dispensed to the public.

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