1. Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

P&C Labs has a product lineup of over 100 items to meet the diverse therapeutic requirements. Wishing to “serve for as many patients as possible”, P&C Labs offers over 100 drugs to meet the needs of many therapeutic fields. In addition, P&C Labs develops many new products every year. P&C Labs adds values to the products such as improving its form and taste, also increasing stability of the product against light, temperature, and moisture so that the product can be easily handled in hospitals and pharmacies.

To meet the therapeutic requirements of a wider population, P&C Labs offers products for a variety of diseases, including lifestyle-related diseases, which are now recognized as social problems, in addition to those for digestive system disease, nervous system disease and allergic diseases, and vitamins. A product portfolio of 72 pharmaceutical products in addition to 10 products within the Cosmeceutical and Nutraceutical segments at different stage of registration


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