1. CEO Message

CEO Message

Good health is the ultimate goal of life shared by everyone.

The world’s pharmaceuticals market is shifting into an era of great globalization. Markets in developed countries are maturing, while opportunities for growths are expanding in emerging and developing countries. In relation to the healthcare field, the Egyptian government has formulated policies such as the “Healthcare and Medical Strategy” And “Vision for the Pharmaceutical Industry. We believe that the pharmaceutical industry has a significant role to play in Egypt’s growth strategy. P&C Labs is committed to enhancing the lives of patients and their families by maximizing the value of multiple global brand products.

In 2008 we formed P&C Labs with the cause to facilitate the common man with the high tech life saving drugs on affordable prices not only in Egypt but in the International markets as well. We are committed to achieve our goals by producing high tech latest pharmaceutical niche products in accordance with the modern c GMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

P&C Labs would develop the collaboration with national and multinational companies to share the research, development, know how transfer, manufacturing and marketing skills and services worldwide. Not only P&C Labs, but the whole Pharmaceutical industry in Egypt is at the crossroads to be counted or to be neglected in the global arena. At P&C Labs we have committed all our energies towards making ourselves a recognized leader in the global pharmaceutical industry by providing quality medicines at an affordable price.

Our 10th of Ramadan, Egypt Facility is focused on Pellets and solid specialty products. This modern site attuned to operational excellence through Lean Six Sigma, partners with customers across a broad range of manufacturing challenges, allowing us to focus on our founding competencies. P&C Labs also aims to bring new benefits to drugs of other fields by converting pharmaceutical substances into Pellets. That can heal the body simply by being formulated in any form, will be an improvement of not only the administration of drugs but also quality of life.

We continue to promote developing products with an eye towards global business.

Mohamed A. A. Elsayed

Chief Executive Officer

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