1. About Us

About Us

P&C Labs (Pellets & CR Products) Founded in the year 2007, took the M.O.H License in 2013, P&C Labs is an independent, family-owned, research-based specialty pharmaceutical company committed to the discovery and development of Pellets and Controlled Released Products for Pharmaceutical Industry.

P&C Labs headquarters in 10th of Ramadan city, Alsharqia, Egypt, 50 Km outside Cairo city.

P&C Labs specialised employees globally working to develop, produce and market our drugs.

The organisation is scalable and flexible, giving us plenty of opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration across the entire company. We share knowledge, ideas and skills that enable us to pursue innovative approaches, adopt new technologies and quickly adapt to new conditions.

Through it’s national, scientific networks across P&C Labs companies, we constantly work to optimise the synergies of a global company.

  • Building a strong unique system.
  • Following all cGMP regulations to produce quality products.
  • To compete in the International market with our innovative products.
  • To be a Multinational Organisation.
  • To Produce and Distribute our Niche Products.
  • To be a Top Regional Pellets specialty pharmaceutical company.

P&C Labs (Pellets & CR Products) corporate strategy includes the following key components:

  • Adherence to the company’s unique business model (focused on the Pellets & CR Products).
  • Excellence in Pellets marketing and innovation.
  • Organise and manage for success by focusing on its Top brands
  • Exhibit consistent operational excellence (optimizing its operational leverage)
  • Optimize its geographic coverage (seeking top positions in all major African, Arab countries)

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